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Churidar Dress Material Wholesale

Pakiza Vol 4

MOQ: 10 Pieces
Price Per Pc: 289 Rs

Churidar Dress Material Wholesale

Rainbow Patiala Vol 11

MOQ: 16 Pieces
Price Per Pc: 230 Rs

Churidar Dress Material Wholesale

Rangoli Patiala Vol 29

MOQ: 12 Pieces
Price Per Pc: 235 Rs

Churidar Dress Material Wholesale

Tamanna Vol 8

MOQ: 16 Pieces
Price Per Pc: 220 Rs

Churidar Dress Material Wholesale

Priyalaxmi Vol 1

MOQ: 12 Pieces
Price Per Pc: 290 Rs

Churidar Dress Material Wholesale

Tamanna Vol 7

MOQ: 16 Pieces
Price Per Pc: 220 Rs

Churidar Dress Material Wholesale

Sunflower Vol 15

MOQ: 16 Pieces
Price Per Pc: 220 Rs

Churidar Dress Material Wholesale

Sheesha Vol 20

MOQ: 12 Pieces
Price Per Pc: 270 Rs

Churidar Dress Material Wholesale

Noor e Patiala Vol 14

MOQ: 16 Pieces
Price Per Pc: 230 Rs

Churidar Dress Material Wholesale

Mohini Vol 16

MOQ: 16 Pieces
Price Per Pc: 235 Rs

Churidar Dress Material Wholesale

Marigold Vol 14

MOQ: 16 Pieces
Price Per Pc: 220 Rs

Churidar Dress Material Wholesale

Kulfi Vol 07

MOQ: 12 Pieces
Price Per Pc: 215 Rs

We will explore what churidar dress material is, where you can buy it, the major brands available, the price range, popular regions for wholesale purchases, and the benefits of buying wholesale.

Whether you are a retailer or just looking to stock up on churidar dress material, this article has got you covered!

Key Takeaways:

  • Textile Zone is the top wholesaler online in Surat for churidar dress material, offering a wide range of options from major brands like SuryaJyoti, deeptex, shree ganesh, Baalar, Ganpati, and Pranjul.
  • Churidar dress material wholesale is not limited to just India, but also available internationally in Malaysia and Sri Lanka.
  • Buying churidar dress material wholesale offers benefits such as cost savings, a variety of options, and direct access with manufacturers.

What Is Churidar Dress Material?

Churidar dress material refers to the unstitched fabric used to create the traditional Indian outfit known as the churidar kameez, which is highly popular among women for its elegant and comfortable design.

Originating from the Indian subcontinent, the churidar dress material holds deep historical and cultural significance. Its roots can be traced back centuries, showcasing a blend of tradition and modernity. Churidar kameez exemplifies the rich heritage of India, with each ensemble reflecting regional customs and craftsmanship. The fabric's versatility allows for intricate embroideries, vibrant colors, and intricate patterns to be incorporated seamlessly.

Where Can You Buy Churidar Dress Material?

Finding the right place to buy churidar dress material can significantly impact the variety and price of the options available to you, especially when shopping from reputable wholesale dealers.

Textile Zone

Textile Zone, based in Surat, is the #1 online wholesaler offering a wide range of churidar dress materials at competitive wholesale prices.

Churidar dress materials at Textile Zone come in various types, including cotton, silk, georgette, and chiffon, catering to different preferences and occasions. These materials are highly sought after in the wholesale market due to their exquisite designs, vibrant colors, and premium quality. Customers trust Textile Zone for its reputation of providing top-notch products that stand out for their durability and comfort. Whether it's a traditional event or a casual outing, the versatility and elegance of Textile Zone's churidar dress materials make them a popular choice among retailers and resellers alike. is another excellent online store where you can find a variety of churidar dress materials, making it a convenient option for wholesale shopping.

The platform offers an array of dress material options beyond churidar, such as sarees, salwar suits, lehengas, and more. Wholesale buyers can browse through a diverse range of fabrics, patterns, and designs, providing ample choices to cater to different market demands. ensures quality products at competitive prices, making it a preferred destination for bulk purchases by retailers and vendors. With user-friendly navigation and secure payment options, the platform streamlines the wholesale buying process, further enhancing the shopping experience for buyers. offers a range of dress materials including churidar, making it a good option for those looking for wholesale purchases.

The website showcases a diverse collection of fabrics like silks, cotton, georgette, and more, catering to the varied preferences of wholesale buyers. With intricate embroidery and vibrant colors, the dress materials on offer stand out for their quality and craftsmanship. The platform provides detailed descriptions and images of each product, enabling buyers to make informed decisions. Wholesale purchasers benefit from competitive pricing, bulk ordering options, and timely delivery services, ensuring a seamless experience from selection to delivery.

What Are the Major Brands of Churidar Dress Material?

Several major brands dominate the churidar dress material market, each offering unique designs and high-quality fabric that appeal to a diverse range of customers.

Shree Ganesh

Shree Ganesh is well-known for its exquisite churidar dress materials that feature a mix of traditional and modern designs.

Their designs range from intricate hand-embroidered patterns for a classic look to bold geometric prints for a contemporary style. Shree Ganesh offers a wide selection of fabrics such as cotton, silk, and chiffon, catering to different preferences and occasions. The brand's attention to detail and high-quality materials have made them a favorite among customers seeking both elegance and comfort in their attire. Whether it's for a festive celebration or a casual outing, there is a Shree Ganesh churidar dress material to suit every taste.


Pranjul offers a wide range of churidar dress materials known for their vibrant colors and intricate patterns.

One of the unique features of Pranjul's dress materials is their high-quality fabric selection sourced from local artisans, ensuring both authenticity and sustainability. This attention to detail sets Pranjul apart in the market, attracting customers looking for ethically made fashion. The diverse range of sizes offered by Pranjul caters to customers of all body types, promoting inclusivity and body positivity. The brand's fusion of traditional designs with a modern twist appeals to fashion-forward individuals seeking a unique and versatile wardrobe staple.


Shreya is another prominent brand that provides high-quality churidar dress materials with a focus on durability and comfort.

Regarding choosing churidar dress materials, Shreya stands out for its meticulous attention to detail in fabric selection. Their commitment to quality is evident in the softness and breathability of the materials, ensuring a comfortable fit for the wearer. Shreya's dedication to customer satisfaction is reflected in the exquisite craftsmanship of their designs, making each piece a true standout in any wardrobe. With a strong emphasis on fabric quality and customer happiness, Shreya has earned a reputation for delivering premium products that exude elegance and sophistication.


Baalar is recognized for its innovative designs and premium fabric in their churidar dress materials.

One of Baalar's key strengths lies in their careful selection of high-quality fabrics that ensure both comfort and durability. Their focus on innovative designs sets them apart from other brands in the market. Baalar's products are known for their attention to detail, such as intricate embroidery and stylish embellishments, making each piece stand out as a unique and exquisite creation.


Ganpati's churidar dress materials are famous for their traditional craftsmanship and rich fabrics.

Each piece is meticulously crafted, showcasing intricate embroideries and stunning embellishments that add a touch of elegance to the ensemble. The use of premium-quality fabrics ensures both comfort and durability, making these dress materials a popular choice among customers seeking authentic designs with a timeless appeal.

Customers are drawn to the exquisite details and the classic charm that Ganpati's products exude. The vibrant colors and traditional motifs pay homage to India's rich cultural heritage, allowing wearers to embody a sense of tradition while making a fashion statement.


Vishnu offers a diverse range of churidar dress materials that blend contemporary and traditional styles.

The versatility of Vishnu's products shines through in the intricate embroidery details, vibrant color combinations, and luxurious fabric choices. Each churidar dress material is meticulously designed to cater to a wide range of preferences, from bold and fashion-forward to elegant and sophisticated. Whether you are looking for a statement piece for a special occasion or a versatile ensemble for everyday wear, Vishnu has something to offer. The innovative designs of these churidar dress materials incorporate traditional motifs with a modern twist, creating a unique fusion that is both timeless and contemporary.

What Is the Price Range of Churidar Dress Material?

The price range of churidar dress material varies significantly, offering options for different budgets from affordable to high-end selections.

Low-Range (150-300 INR)

In the low-range price bracket of 150-300 INR, you can find basic churidar dress materials that are perfect for everyday wear.

These churidar dress materials often come in cotton, synthetic, or blended fabrics, which are comfortable and easy to maintain. The designs in this price range are usually simple and subtle, making them versatile for various occasions. Quality might vary, but if you choose wisely, you can get durable options that last long. Some common patterns include floral prints, geometric motifs, and traditional paisley designs. So, if you are looking for affordable yet stylish options, exploring these fabric choices and designs can help you find a great addition to your wardrobe.

Mid-Range (300-600 INR)

The mid-range price bracket of 300-600 INR offers a variety of churidar dress materials with better quality fabrics and more intricate designs.

Within this price range, customers can find churidar dress materials that boast enhanced stitching details, such as intricate embroidery and delicate beadwork. The color choices are diverse, ranging from classic hues to vibrant shades perfect for various occasions. The design features include a mix of traditional and contemporary elements, catering to different style preferences. The fabrics used in these dresses are of superior quality, ensuring both comfort and durability.

High-Range (600-900 INR)

In the high-range price bracket of 600-900 INR, you will find premium churidar dress materials that often feature designer elements and luxury fabrics.

These top-tier churidar dress materials showcase exquisite craftsmanship, intricate embroidery, and meticulous attention to detail, setting them apart from their more affordable counterparts. The use of high-quality materials such as silk, satin, and chiffon adds an unmistakable touch of sophistication and elegance to these pieces. Many of these premium dress materials also bear the prestigious labels of renowned designers, making them coveted pieces for fashion enthusiasts who appreciate exclusivity and superior quality.

What Are the Popular Regions for Churidar Dress Material Wholesale?

Wholesale markets for churidar dress materials are particularly prominent in several regions, both within South India and internationally, each offering unique styles and fabrics.

South India (Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka)

South India, including states like Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka, is renowned for its high-quality churidar dress materials that feature a blend of traditional and contemporary designs.

Regarding fabrics, cotton and silk are the most commonly used materials in crafting these elegant garments. Churidar suits in South India are often adorned with intricate embroidery work, mirror work, and stunning zari embellishments, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of the region. The design styles are versatile, ranging from simple and elegant to vibrant and flamboyant, catering to various tastes and occasions. Women in these states take great pride in wearing these exquisite pieces, which are not only stylish but also comfortable and suitable for the region's warm climate.

International (Malaysia, Sri Lanka)

International markets such as Malaysia and Sri Lanka also offer a variety of churidar dress materials, catering to a global audience with diverse tastes.

Churidar dress materials have gained popularity for their versatility and comfort, making them a favorite choice for individuals around the world. The intricate designs and vibrant colors of these materials appeal to fashion enthusiasts seeking to incorporate cultural elements into their wardrobe. Various styles, from traditional to contemporary, can be found in these markets, allowing shoppers to explore different looks and trends. The availability of different fabric options ensures that customers can select textiles that suit their preferences and occasions.

Telangana and Maharastra

Telangana and Maharastra are key regions for wholesale churidar dress materials, known for their unique designs and high-quality fabrics.

In Telangana, churidar dress materials often feature intricate mirror work and vibrant colors, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of the region. On the other hand, Maharashtra is renowned for its elegant Bandhani prints and embroidered motifs that add a touch of sophistication to the attire.

Churidar dress materials from these regions also showcase a variety of fabric options, including soft silk, comfortable cotton, and luxurious georgette, catering to different preferences and occasions. The draping styles vary too, with some churidars adorned with lace borders while others featuring unique embellishments like zari or sequins.

What Are the Benefits of Buying Churidar Dress Material Wholesale?

Buying churidar dress material wholesale offers numerous benefits including cost savings, a wide variety of options, and the ability to purchase in bulk.

Cost Savings

One of the primary benefits of buying churidar dress material wholesale is the significant cost savings, as wholesale prices are generally much lower than retail prices.

Wholesale pricing operates on the principle of buying goods in bulk quantities, allowing suppliers to offer lower per-unit prices to buyers. This translates to substantial savings for those purchasing items in larger quantities, such as retailers, businesses, and even individual consumers who may want to stock up on their favorite items.

Variety of Options

Wholesale markets offer a wide variety of options, allowing buyers to choose from an extensive range of churidar dress materials in different styles, fabrics, and designs.

From traditional cotton churidar sets to modern georgette ensembles, there is something to suit every taste. Whether one is looking for intricate embroidery, vibrant prints, or elegant solid colors, these markets cater to all preferences. The availability of various sizes ensures that everyone can find the perfect fit. Buyers can also explore trendy churidar dress materials made from luxurious silk or comfortable synthetic blends, making it easy to find the ideal outfit for any occasion.

Bulk Purchasing

Bulk purchasing is another significant benefit of buying churidar dress material wholesale, enabling buyers to purchase large quantities at reduced prices.

This not only helps retailers save money per unit but also allows them to offer competitive prices to customers, increasing sales and revenue. Buying in bulk reduces the frequency of reordering, streamlining inventory management processes and ensuring products are readily available for purchase. For individual buyers, bulk purchasing means having a consistent supply of their favorite items while enjoying cost savings. Whether for business or personal use, bulk buying provides convenience and savings that can benefit both parties involved.

Direct Access with Manufacturers

Buying wholesale also provides direct access to manufacturers, ensuring that buyers get the best quality products and the latest designs directly from the source.

This direct access to manufacturers allows buyers to establish a strong and reliable relationship with the product creators, leading to better communication and understanding of the manufacturing process. It also offers the advantage of quick problem-solving and customization options, as buyers can directly discuss their specific requirements with the manufacturers.

Quality assurance is another significant benefit as it eliminates middlemen and reduces the chances of counterfeit or low-quality products entering the supply chain.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is churidar dress material wholesale?

Churidar dress material wholesale refers to buying bulk quantities of churidar dress material from a supplier or wholesaler, often at a discounted price, for the purpose of reselling or manufacturing.

What types of churidar dress material are available for wholesale?

There are many types of churidar dress material available for wholesale, including cotton, silk, georgette, chiffon, and synthetic fabrics. These materials come in a variety of colors, patterns, and designs to suit different preferences.

Which regions can I find churidar dress material wholesale?

Churidar dress material wholesale is available in various regions, including South India (Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka), as well as in countries like Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Telangana.

What are some major brands offering churidar dress material wholesale?

Some popular brands that offer churidar dress material wholesale include SuryaJyoti, Deeptex, Shree Ganesh, Baalar, Ganpati, and Pranjul. Each brand has its own unique collection and quality of materials.

What is the price range for churidar dress material wholesale?

The price range for churidar dress material wholesale can vary depending on the brand, material, and design. However, at Textile Zone, the range starts from 150 to 900 INR, making it affordable and accessible for retailers and manufacturers.

Can I customize my churidar dress material wholesale order?

Yes, many wholesalers offer customization options for churidar dress material wholesale orders. This allows retailers and manufacturers to select specific materials, colors, and designs, or even create their own unique designs for their business.